Curriculum Compacting

Curriculum compacting provides an opportunity for differentiating instruction for students who have already mastered the material planned for a particular unit of study. When a student demonstrates that skills have already been mastered, indicated by pretest performance results, their content is replaced with new content, enrichment options, or other activities. The compacting process, which is currently in place for math only in grades K-12, is an opportunity for exceptional learners to achieve at levels that exceed standard for a particular unit of study.

If your child compacts out of a unit of study, you will receive a communication from my office like the one provided below. As an additional resource, you may choose to read a curriculum compacting study out of the University of Connecticut that is also provided for you here.

Enrichment Learning Clusters 

Enrichment Clusters provide all students at both Wells Road Intermediate School (grades 3-5) and Granby Memorial Middle School (grades 6-8) the opportunity to choose an area of interest to explore at a deeper level. The process begins with teachers identifying a theme-based, authentic learning experience, or a student-identified topic of interest that students may select to engage in over a period of seven to eight weeks. Once students make their selections, they participate in either a teacher or student/teacher co-facilitated Enrichment Cluster learning experience around an overarching topic utilizing critical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills. These experiences culminate with a final product to share reflective of student learning in celebration of the experience that occurred during their time in the Cluster.

Clusters occur every C-Day at Wells Road and every Friday at GMMS for a period of eight or seven weeks respectively during the fall and spring. All students and faculty participate with program oversight provided by building Enrichment Coaches. Granby has made this commitment because of the many benefits to our student learning including:

  1. Choice - Students select a Cluster related to an area that peaks their personal interest.
  2. Voice - Learning during the Cluster recognizes the voice of each student and celebrates democracy in the instructional practices.
  3. Joy - Clusters provide a time where fun and exploration with learning takes center stage.
  4. Talent Development - Enrichment Clusters provide teachers and students the opportunity to develop emerging talent in areas of interest; “For so many teachers, Clusters provide a brand new way of looking at their students and seeing their potential, not their struggle or academic/social strengths or weaknesses” (Waicunas, SEM Coordinator, University of Connecticut, 2019)
  5. Authentic Learning - While many areas of district curricula provided authentic learning opportunities, Clusters allow for participation in sustained learning where students are working toward solving a problem or answered through multiple paths.

Below is a listing of various Enrichment Clusters offered at Wells Road Intermediate and Granby Memorial Middle School

  • Design a Miniature Golf Course
  • Wizardry for Muggles
  • Compassionate Kids
  • Acting, Film-making and Editing
  • Crazy for Queen
  • Veterinary Medicine: Small Animals 101

Gifted and Talented

The Granby Public Schools does not maintain a special pullout program for gifted and talented education. The needs of exceptional learners are addressed with an inclusionary model delivered through challenging curricula and programs. Students experience differentiated instruction through reading/writing workshop, honors and advanced placement courses at the high school, and a multitude of enrichment clubs and activities geared toward high level critical thinking. Students at the high school have an opportunity to select on-line classes, concurrent enrollment in selected institutions of higher education, and informational links to programs outside the district that parents are welcome to investigate and pursue on their own. Several links with additional information are provided below.

2017-2018 Student Enrichment Board of Education Presentation